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Complete Data Coverage


Monitor current and indicative foreign exchange rates, USD/PKR rate, to make informed decisions on your import and export transactions.


Analyze stock price from Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and real time KSE index, including historical data and live announcements for informed investing decisions.

Fixed Income

SBP actions like TBill, PIB, Sukuk auctions, OMOs, revaluation rates PKRV, KIBOR, SCRA flows, corporate TFC, Eurobonds, mutual funds data like NAVs, fund manager reports.


Explore over 100 local and global commodities, including Gold, Cotton, Sugar, Coal, Petrochemicals, Brent and WTI to diversify your portfolio and make informed investing decisions.


Includes currency projection calculator, inflation projector, forward rate calculator, discounting calculator (for both KIBOR and LIBOR based methods), currency projection calculator and inflation projector.

Macroeconomic indicators

Over 500 indicators, including monetary, fiscal, external, social and demographic indicators, to stay informed on the current macro-economic conditions and make decisions accordingly.

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Other Services We Offer

Real Time Data

Tresmark provides real time data for local and global markets in a low latency environment covering most major markets and asset classes.

Traders appreciate speed, interface and array of tools to make their trading more profitable.

Essential Tools

Multiple tools to assist your trading, including graphs, technical analysis, news, alerts, history and calculators.

100% cloud computation, no software installation, no backups required.

Tresmark Talk

Talk is an instant messaging system for banks, corporates and institutions providing highest grade security and compliance.

You can create one-to-one chat, group chats, conduct audio and video calls all in an encrypted, safe environment.

Data Feed APIs

A broad suite of data feed API solutions for trading, market data, financial administration and risk management.

You can integrate market data with your existing ERP to achieve real-time reporting, improve productivity and insights, save time and reduce human error.

Real Time Portfolio Management

You can create your own portfolio of equities, currencies, commodities and other asset classes and monitor your portfolio value in real time.

You can view these from anywhere and at anytime.

Trexcel - Live Excel

Trexcel is the bridge to push live data in to Excel. You can make your models or portfolios in excel and feed them with live data. Get a grip on your environment when markets catch fire.

Excellent for Financial Risk Managers and Portfolio Analysts.

Live Technical Analysis

Real time data integration with technical analysis with over more than 150 studies


Never miss actionable news. Market moving news from around the globe. Info Hub ensures that you never miss any news about your trading instruments.

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Industry Expertise

Tresmark has grown to become a leading data partner in the region. With an increasing number of media articles citing Tresmark, it has established itself as a reliable and trusted source of information.

Trusted Content

By partnering with trusted data partners and data analysis experts, we ensure that we provide you information that is accurate, helpful, reliable, and relevant.

Comprehensive Platform

With our solutions you find data that matters within minutes – ready to go in your favorite format.

Research and blogs

On the survey held in July 2023 by Tresmark, Most of the respondents opted 100 bps increase of the interest rates.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a revolutionary force in the realm of technology, transforming industries and reshaping the way we live and work

All of this has worked wonders for the market and as a result Rupee strengthened by Rs4 in interbank & Rs26 in open market (against $). The momentum looks to extend in the coming week, with Rupee set to reconquer the lost 300 mark

In spite of the clarification by SBP, analysts are of the view that a radical shift in monetary policy is coming. It would help to persuade the hoarders of forex, commodities, and other assets to unwind, giving some relief to spiraling prices.

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