All market rates and data on Tresmark is for information only. Market rates and data are sourced from various sources on the internet and are only "indicative" in nature. They may be delayed or not be an accurate representation of current market conditions. This may be due to many reasons, including but not limited to, network disruptions, extra ordinary market volatility or inability to access the internet/website. Tresmark may also use electronic algorithms to update market rates on a tick-by-tick basis, in periods of less than a second.
Tresmark is not a trading platform. The indicative market rates on this website are rates at which banks are trading with each other, and may not be available to non banking institutions. Financial institutions can and do keep a spread when dealing with corporate entities or companies. The level of spread may vary from client to client based on factors like volume, accessibility to other banks, market volatility and anticipated settlement risks.
Tresmark is under no obligation to provide historic data, user information or information on individual trades.
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