Financial Automation

Tresmark proudly announces a broad suite of API solutions for trading, market data, financial administration and risk management.

You can integrate market data with your existing ERP to achieve real-time reporting, improve productivity and insights, save time and reduce human error.

Key Use Cases

Internal MIS Reporting

Customized Dashboards

Financial Apps

Investment Management

Improved Data Sharing

Fraud / Risk Reduction

Technical Indicators Creation

Improved Trading Strategies

Diverse Data
Points Coverage
Market Data: Broad range of real-time exchange and OTC market data including currencies, cross rates, commodities, global indices, bonds and KIBOR, PKRV, crypto currencies & all of Pakistan stock market.
News: Streaming local and international news, financial and non-financial, company & PSX announcements.
Central Bank Actions: KIBOR, auction, OMO, reval rates, SCRA flows, forward maturities.
Company Data: Company profile, fundamentals, financial statements, price history, credit ratings, ratios, dividend payouts, broker estimates.
Indicators: Over 500 macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, growth rate, trade, remittances, external payments, reserves, SBP forward maturities.
Trading Signals: Signals and calls based on Fundamental & Technical analyses (FA/TA), market sentiments and social listening.
Trade Data: Directory of exporters, importers, producers, distributors across the globe.
Alternative Data: Auto industry sales figures, Cement dispatches, Steel production, LSM.
Data Range
Currencies & Commodities : From 1980 onwards
All Other Data Points: From 1999 onwards
Data Delivery

"The adoption of new technologies is set to shape the market data industry in coming years.
What are some of the data management trends we can expect to come to the for in 2022?"

Customize the Tresmark API to your needs, and level up your data-driven financial planning

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